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Local Pro Energy Consultants Franchise to Donate $10,000 to Cincinnati Red Cross

Pro Energy Consultants Franchise Owners Phil and Tim Courtier recently opened their home energy auditing business in the Cincinnati-area. To help raise awareness about how energy audits can make homes more energy efficient and reduce energy usage, all proceeds from 25 energy audits will be paid directly to the Cincinnati Red Cross.

CINCINNATI – May 10, 2010 –What’s one way for a newly established business to get its name out? How about giving away $10,000 worth of services and having that amount donated directly to the Cincinnati Red Cross?

That’s exactly what local Pro Energy Consultants franchise owners Phil and Tim Courtier are doing. The Courtiers are professional home energy auditors who help homeowners find solutions for battling such home performance issues like comfort, excessive energy usage and poor indoor air quality. They were recently awarded a Pro Energy Consultants home energy auditing franchise in the Cincinnati area.

This fund-raising program will run for three months, or until 25 energy audits at $400 each have been performed. Homeowners will make the checks directly out to the Cincinnati Red Cross.

“We believe in giving back to the community and helping those in need,” said Phil. “Energy audits also give back to the community by showing homeowners to reduce energy usage and therefore our local carbon footprint.” According to Phil, the local Red Cross can use these funds for Haiti relief or for any other relief needs they have.

As an unbiased, third party, Pro Energy Consultants is focused on diagnosing building performance issues — namely comfort, excessive energy usage and poor indoor air quality issues — for homes and light commercial buildings. The company, backed by more than 11,000 energy audits and 15 years of experience, also offers a guarantee. If, at the end of the test, customers don’t feel they’ve received valuable information about their home or business office, then the energy audit is free. To successfully diagnose home performance issues, the company’s energy auditors first undergo extensive training from its building performance and business experts, followed by eight weeks of continuing education training.

The Courtiers have already conducted several energy audits with local homeowners.

“This [energy audit] experience has been enlightening. I was most impressed with the amount of energy leaks found in my home. I had no idea where the problems were coming from,” said Cincinnati resident Danny Bolan. “I really wish that I would have had this done before I bought my home.”

Added Michael Laurianti of Loveland, “I would recommend to all home owners to have this done if you want to improve the conditions inside your house and save money at the same time.”

The energy audit starts with the homeowner explaining the specific home performance issues he or she has been experiencing. Next, an electronic blower door is installed in an exterior door. Once activated, the blower door allows the Courtiers to in essence take an “X-ray” of the home by using infrared thermal imaging to identify all the hidden building leakage areas. The entire process takes approximately one to three hours.

“It really takes a comprehensive, diagnostic energy audit by a professional using sophisticated equipment to remove all the guesswork and pinpoint what’s causing excessive energy usage and major comfort complaints,” said Tim. “It can also save homeowners from making unnecessary costly repairs, such as replacing a furnace or installing new windows.”

A detailed report with prioritized recommendations for maximizing the energy efficiency and comfort of the home is delivered to the homeowner within days of the energy audit.

“It’s great to have Phil and Tim as part of our team,” said Pro Energy Consultants Managing Partner Derek Sola. “Homeowners are looking for affordable solutions for solving their comfort issues and reducing energy usage.”

According to Sola, his company has experienced considerable growth since being founded in 2008. He attributes this to the nation’s increased focus on fiscal responsibility and energy conservation. For example, several states are beginning to subsidize and reward homeowners who make their homes more energy efficient. One state, Nevada, has passed legislation making energy audits mandatory in the near future. Many more states are considering similar legislation. In addition, many states will receive millions of dollars this year in stimulus grants for energy-efficient projects, including weatherization of homes.

For more information, residents in the Cincinnati area can call (513) 474-0010 or 888-9PROENERGY (1-888-977-6363), or visit: http://www.proenergyconsultants.com


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Pro Energy Consultants’ proven system for conducting energy audits is backed by more than 15 years experience and more than 11,000 energy audits. The company’s mission is to provide customized, comprehensive and diagnostic energy audits designed to maximize the comfort and energy efficiency of homes and “light” commercial buildings while reducing energy costs. This mission not only sets the worldwide standard for energy audits but also established Pro Energy as the world’s leading expert on the subject. In October 2008 Pro Energy began awarding franchises — making it the first national franchise in energy auditing. Being the ideal “green franchise” opportunity, it has quickly grown to more than 50 franchises nationwide. The company is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. For more information, call 888.9PROENERGY (1-888-977-6363) or visit www.proenergyconsultants.com.


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