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Pro Energy Consultants' Home Energy Audit Featured on "The Early Show"

Homeowners learned the benefits of a home energy audit during a Jan. 21 segment on CBS' "The Early Show." The segment featured Mark Cannella, of Pro Energy Consultants, who conducted an energy audit on a Pittsburgh home.

CLEVELAND – Jan. 29, 2010 –Pro Energy Consultants was featured in a segment on home energy audits Jan. 21 on CBS's "The Early Show." The segment, titled "Keeping Your House Warm," aired before an audience of 2.8 million viewers.

Pro Energy Consultants on the CBS Early ShowThe piece was shot at a home in Pittsburgh on Dec. 18, 2009. The segment can be viewed at: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=6123897n

"It was a great segment that gave Pro Energy and the importance of home energy audits fantastic national exposure," said Pro Energy Consultants Principal Kris Simonich. "As an industry leader, we feel strongly that Pro Energy should participate in anything that helps raise the awareness of energy audits and their importance to the American homeowner."

CBS News Consumer Correspondent Susan Koeppen, the reporter for the segment, introduced the segment by saying, "Making your house warmer comes down to two main things: Do you have the right amount of insulation and have you sealed up all the cracks?"

The camera then followed around the homeowners, John and Lynette Malone, as they discussed the discomfort issues they've been experiencing in their home. Koeppen reported the couple was thinking about replacing the windows upstairs, and how they've already spent $4,500 on new downstairs windows.

"So we sent in some professionals from Pro Energy Consultants to perform a home energy audit to see exactly what this family needs to do to keep their house warm," reported Koeppen as segment cut to Pro Energy Principal Mark Cannella setting up and running the blower door.

"As we pull air out of the home, air has to come back in," said Cannella as the blower door whirred in the background. "And that helps us understand where all the pathways, or holes, in the home exist."

After demonstrating the smoke pencil and thermal imaging camera, Cannella explained to the homeowners and the news crew, "All along the slope of the attic is missing insulation. And we have missing insulation in most of the ceiling."

"And it turns out the problem in the bedrooms was not the windows," added Koeppen.

The segment then discussed the Pro Energy report, which identified most of the Malone's problems on poor thermal insulation and inadequately sealed ductwork. When Koeppen asked the Malones what they thought of the findings, Lynette responded, "We were surprised."

"It just helped us realized what the true problem was," added John.

"And for the Malones, it will cost them about $2,000 to get more insulation and fix the leaks, less than half the cost of getting new windows," said Koeppen.

Pro Energy Consultants, established in 2008, is the nation's first home energy auditing franchise. It has grown to nearly 50 franchises and currently has a presence in 25 states. For more information, call 888-9PROENERGY (1-888-977-6363), or visit: http://www.proenergyconsultants.com

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